Update AUG/28/2019 - Game released for Android on Google Play.

My most recent project. It is heavily inspired by the old school DOS game Tank Wars, which was later on "remade" into a game called Mortar, with some graphical improvements (if you can call it that) and whatnot.

The decision to create this game was rather interesting. Since I started working with Unity, all the ideas for games I had were way above and beyond my paygrade. I would always end up reaching a point in the development (about a month in) where the realization of the size of the project would completely dismotivate me, and I would end up abandoning it altogether. So I thought about the simplest game I could actually create by myself, that could actually be fun to play. Joke's on me, the amount of work I actually put into this so far is far greater than I thought it would take, but it's finally looking like something that people could play.

Now talking about the game itself, it's very straight-forward: each player is represented by a tank and they join up in a skirmish that takes place in a map (I've made a few of them as of now). Last man standing wins. Between each round, players can buy equipment to increase their firepower for the next round. Points are awarded for dealing damage, destroying tanks and winning rounds. The player with the bigger score across all the rounds wins the match.

The game is in closed beta for now, but I'm planning on releasing it within July, 2019. Right now it features single player and multiplayer modes. Single player allows for player to go against bots or other players (in the same device). Multiplayer is allowed for players within the same private network for now, but there's a plan to deploy public servers if the game is financially sustainable.

It is set to be released as an adware (advertising-supported software) in Google Play and iOS. Possibly on Steam later-on.

Voyage for Vengeance

This is a game I made 8 years ago (2011), back when supernatural TV series was a thing. It is a top-down action RPG strongly inspired by the show. The basic plot revolves a demon trying to end your family lineage, and you must fight back and avenge your lost relatives.

The game isn't fancy by any stretch of the imagination, and uses many ripped resources from various old school games (like doom and duke nukem 3d), but it can be a fun game if you're into action RPG. It features dozens of quests and hours of gameplay.

It was made using the game creation program Engine001 which exists to this day (and is a pretty good one).

If you want to see some gameplay first to see how the game feels like, there's a short gameplay video that some guy made a few years ago, the guy's pretty funny although the video didn't get any traction.

Download it here.